If you are an English speaking patient in our practice you will find in this section (almost) everything you need to know about how the practice works. Keeping the best possible relationship with our patients begins with good communication! If after reading this you have any questions please feel free to telephone us or just call in to the reception desk.

Making contact

The practice appointment times are:


8:30 – 17:00 and 17:45 – 21:00


8:00 – 17:00 and 17.45 - 21:00


8:00 – 17:00


8:30 – 17:00


8:30 – 17:00

We are daily closed between 12:30 – 13:30. 

For a simple check-up we normally make appointments of 15 minutes. For treatments the duration is variable, but averages about 45 minutes. If you cannot keep your appointment then please get in contact with us by telephone at least 24 hours in advance. In this case you will not be charged for the appointment. For notification periods of less than 24 hours we may be able to  fill a cancelled appointment with an emergency, so please ring anyway. However, if we do not manage to fill your appointment with another patient we regret that you will be charged appropriately.


All facets of dentistry

In our practice we offer virtually all the care to maintain the health of your mouth, including orthodontics. Should you need other specialist treatments such as implants and gum operations we have the contacts to refer you to a local specialist. Frequently specialist care requires close cooperation between the specialist & ourselves, which we will be delighted to arrange.


Amodern practice

Tandartspraktijk De Voorstraat is a modern practice, albiet housed in a historic building.. The practice moved to its present premises and was entirely re-equipped in 2001. It therefore benefits from the most recent equipment. For example a digital X-ray system decreases the patients exposure to radiation by a factor of five, while ensuring high quality images to aid diagnostics. We are also equipped with a digital panoramic x-ray system.

We work on the basis of the most recent developments and official policies. This applies not only to the facilities but also to the dental care and organization. We ensure high standards of treatment by following regular post-graduate courses, peer discussion and conferences.


Locum services and emergencies

If a problem arises during normal practice hours e.g. an acute infection or severe pain we will mostly be able to see you.

In the weekends and on official public holidays one of the Noordwijk dentists acts as the duty dentist. The duty dentist holds a short daily consultation period for emergencies at a specified time. Dial our telephone number for the number of the duty dentist. Then ring the duty dentist where full details will be available.

In the evenings, weekends and holiday periods all local dentists also have an agreement for emergency locum services. This service should only be used for real emergencies, such as an injury to the mouth. Dial our number to hear the telephone number of the duty dentist.

You may be asked by the duty dentist to pay cash. In this case make sure your receive a receipt for your insurance.


Treatment & tarifs

The foundation of good dental care is the periodic check-up. Depending on the state of your mouth the dentist will propose the appropriate time intervals.

During the check-up the dentist will check the health of your mouth and how well it is maintained. As necessary, your teeth will be cleaned & instructions given for home care.

If you require treatment after the check-up the dentist will discuss with you the nature of the treatment, the cost and how many appointments need to be made. We have many leaflets available in the practice with descriptions of the most common treatments (at this time available mainly in Dutch).

All dental charges in the Netherlands are governed by the official national tariffs. A list of these tariffs is available. After treatment you will receive an invoice, which we request you to pay within 30 days. If you are insured for dental treatment you can submit this invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement. Each insurance company has different terms & conditions as to what will be reimbursed. We advise you to consult your policy.